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Aesthetic Injectables are a great way to enhance your facial features and preserve skin youth with non-surgical procedures. Honey strives to keep you looking like you but better! 


Neurotoxin treatments are primarily used for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. We carry the brands BOTOX, Dysport, and Jeuveau.  Neurotoxin treatments are recommended to be done every 3-4 months to maintain results. 


Sculptra is a bio-stimulator injectable that aids the body to produce collagen and add fullness to the face. It also diminishes the appearance of any wrinkles and fine lines. Most commonly injected to reduce the appearance of smile lines, marionette lines, and wrinkles around the chin.

Lip Filler

Honey is the home of the iconic 'Queen Bee Lip'. Whether you are looking for a subtle plump or a juicy pout, our lip filler services are customized to each client's desired lip goals. Book a 'Lip Pop' for a half syringe and 'Queen Bee Lip' for a full syringe.


Kybella is a non-surgical alternative to permanently reducing the appearance of submental fat. Otherwise known as the 'double chin'. Kybella permanently melts the fat cells and they are released by the lymphatic system.

facial filler

Dermal fillers for the face can improve the appearance of facial lines and volume loss. Treatments can be to define the jawline, chisel cheekbones, reduce smile lines, diminish the appearance of fatigued under eyes and more. 

pdo threads

PDO threads are a multifunctional dissolvable sutures. Their purposes include: Skin tightening. By contracting the tissue. Collagen stimulation. Which promotes cellular renewal and improves skin texture, fine lines, and elasticity. Instant skin lifting, a PDO instant result.


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