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Exclusively available at Honey. This weight loss program will help you reach your goals with monthly plans available. Whether you struggle to lose weight or need to get healthy, it's time to Be Skinny. 

Weekly Injection

Injections must be done on the same day of the week every week for the time period of your monthly plan. Injections will be self-administered with initial visits in office.

Consultation required

A free consultation is required before beginning this service. During this time, your provider will perform a health assessment to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for this treatment. 

Payment plans

We offer financing options to assist you in interest free payments. Please note that we do not accept health insurance.


monthly plans 

Your provider will recommend a monthly plan for you depending on your current weight and weight loss goals. We offer the following monthly plans:

  • 1 MONTH

  • 3 MONTHS

progress documentation

Photographs and measurements will be documented to monitor your progress. Monthly follow ups are required to track weight loss and to adjust dose as progresses. 


Prescribed injections to the abdomen combined with B-12 to sustain energy and help convert fat into fuel for the body.

Client Testimonials


When I would workout, I couldn't do certain things, and this gave me the push I needed. I felt great with so much more energy. Before, I wouldn't see a change in the scale regardless of my efforts at the gym. Now at my age, I wanted to make the change to better my lifestyle and be healthy.


This client was so excited to share her weight loss results after losing almost 25 pounds on our 3 month plan. 


Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for their health. I did this for my health more than to lose weight. I started taking blood pressure medication and diabetes runs in my family so I knew I had to start preventative measures. I also had to buy new pants which is also rewarding! Not only do you look better but you feel better about your health.


I am very happy with the results. I combined it with a good exercise regimen. I've been working out for a year and wouldn't see the results I wanted. It's extra help and it gave me that push to get to my goals. Physically, I feel great. Mentally, I feel even better. My anxiety is gone. My self esteem is through the roof. It's also helped me eat cleaner and my cravings were pretty much gone. It was easier for me to say no the unhealthy foods.

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